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Laser welding is a welding technology that connects multiple pieces of metal through the application of lasers. It’s commonly applied in automotive plants and factories and is an incredibly helpful and convenient resource for connecting prefabricated parts under extreme temperature restrictions. It also requires a safe, comfortable, controlled, and condition-appropriate environment to help ensure it’s done correctly, minimize distortion, and minimize the risk of accidents to your employees. Lasermach has specialized experience developing modular laser-welding rooms to help you keep your employees safe while maintaining the right conditions for optimum laser-cutting performance. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our laser-cutting room options. 

Specialized Benefits and Requirements of Laser-Welding Rooms and Enclosures

Safe and conducive modular laser-welding rooms require a few key factors that distinguish them from other structures and construction environments. This is due almost entirely to the high temperatures required for the welding process and the potential risks associated with them.

Full room laser enclosures create a complete laser-safe environment: 

  • Special glass windows rated to specific welding equipment. 
  • Specialized high-performance HVAC systems that can accommodate heat loads produced by laser welders. 
  • Specially designed entry doors with safety interlocks that work in conjunction with the laser welder to halt welding immediately upon opening. 
  • Safety alert warning lights visually warn room occupants and those in nearby proximity that the laser welder is in use.
  • Light switches for the laser room are on the outside wall by the door, so control is reserved to entry and exit.

Laser enclosures are needed to house laser workstations, which serve as a protective barrier for personnel outside of the enclosures from the laser process. To meet requirements, options include:

  • Walls made of fire retardant materials
  • An open design that could utilize existing lighting and sprinkler systems
  • Laser safety glass windows where required

Traditional vinyl gypsum modular wall panels and standard LED lights can still be used. LASERMACH modular laser-welding rooms can be customized to fit equipment and footprint allotted for the process, no matter what the size and expansion plans of your facility may be. 

Testing Your Metal: The Modular Laser-Welding Design and Construction Process 

When designing and constructing a modular laser-welding room, it’s important to keep safety top of mind. It’s important that your room is tested in accordance with IEC 60825-4:2009-06, which measures the requirements for temporary or permanent laser guards that enclose the process zone of a laser processing machine. Other critical safety and performance-related components include floors that can accommodate adequate welding equipment and personnel weight load and tightly sealed entry and exit ways to minimize the escape of smoke and laser light. 

LASERMACH’s modular laser-welding enclosures offer: 

  • Complete customization to fit all sizes, expansions, and utility needs. 
  • Complete compliance with all OSHA regulations. 
  • Quick-ship capabilities to be delivered in just two weeks. 
  • Customized design options. 
  • Turnkey safe installation including permitting, electrical, fire protection, flooring, HVAC, and erection of the building.

Our team offers turn-key support to ensure a hassle-free process. 

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