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Welding in Europe accounts for 4.5% of the European Union’s gross energy consumption

Currently, the metal welding sector accounts also for a serious of part of global carbon emissions. 

According to experts, this number is expected to increase dramatically by 2030, which leaves a clear incentive for the industry to deliver significant reductions in emissions in the years to come.


Normal arc welding produces 9.82 grams of CO2 per second

PhotonWeld produces 1,57 gram CO2 per second


84% less CO2 Production with a PhotonWeld laser Welding Machine

Normal Welding = 4,8 TON CO2/Shift/year

Handheld laser Welding = 0,62TON CO2


Changing from conventional welding to laser welding =

4,2 TON CO2 less produced in one year during one shift per machine per shift


4,2 ton CO2 =

production during 32.000km driving of a normal 1600cc diesel car 

Standard Welding Machines are energy class A+!

Our PhotonWeld® Series with EcoloEner energy saving technology is Class A+++

EcolEner : patented High Efficient Energy saving Technology for Laser Sources

Saving minimal 22% energy compared to standard laser sources

Eco-Friendly Welding solutions and Practices for 2022 and Beyond

The industrial world needs welding. As the popularity of metal structures and constructions rises, more skilled welders are required. However, welding is an energy-intensive process and not so friendly to the environment. In large factories, a lot of energy used, and some gases may produce. 

As the world moves towards protecting the environment, the welding industry is not left behind. There are several eco-friendly practices that welders can engage in to reduce their carbon footprint. To do that, welders need to look at the entire welding process to understand which part of the process affects the environment more. From there, the welder can reduce their carbon footprint by tweaking the:

  • Welding speed
  • The raw materials
  • Processing time
  • System costs
  • Filler metals, and
  • Seam quality
  • But mostly look for Energy saving technology in welding like laser welding in general. Our supplementary Ecolener Photon saving technology gives you even a bigger advancein saving energy.

There is a need for a reduced carbon footprint in all industries. The welding industry can reduce its footprint by reducing the energy they use by making the process more efficient and eliminating the use of flux. Flux leads to the release of gases that are harmful to the environment.

To save the environment, welders around the world need to educate on the above eco-friendly techniques. Individuals as well as companies, have a role to play in making the air cleaner and the environment safer for the generations to come.

An Industry-Leading Decarbonization Strategy for the welding industry

Handheld laser welding : drastic reduction of your Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency in welding technology!

An efficient use of energy is absolutely paramount to the preservation of our livelihood.

When examining energy efficiency, the entire manufacturing process must be taken into consideration. Because of its inherent characteristics, EcolEner laser welding technology offers many ways of increasing energy efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs in upstream and downstream manufacturing processes. These factors should be considered when selecting the optimum welding technique. Based on several factors, the Wobble Laser Welding process is considered one of the best welding methods in production.

  • The first reason is the significantly low heat input and the corresponding minimum melting zone. This ensures the lowest possible shrinkage and distortion constant. If less metal is melted, the shrinkage and distortion are also very low.  This allows precision machined components to be welded together with little or no secondary machining effort.
  • Other advantages over any sort of arc welding are the high efficiency of heat utilization and the low operating costs. The actual consumption of gases, energy and amount of cooling is significantly higher in any arc welding.

Therefore, only an assessment of the complete production chain can provide a definite conclusion about possible savings potentials. The cost saving potential often lies in the upstream and downstream processes.  

It is evident that improved and swifter measures will be necessary to protect the climate in the future. Efficiency is a broad task.  Therefore, YOU can also contribute to a more climate-friendly future through wise and intelligent decision making and investing in a high efficient welding technology like our PhotonWELDER ®.

PhotonWeld: A / A-PRO / R / W -Series

The highest energy saving guaranteed!

Our Team has been working very hard to upgrade all our Series to an Energy Saving Winner by integrating the latest LaserSource technology with the highest Energy-saving level in the market. With a Wall plug efficiency from almost 50%, we do beat all other laser welding machine makers avaialble on the market.

  • Our PhotonWeld-Series Laser Welding Machines consume till 58% LESS Energy compared to our laser welding competitors.

  • Compared to TIG/MIG/MAG our PhotonWeld Series consum till 85% Less energy.

This will count at the end of the year on your electricity bill and in the mean time you help to save our planet by a drastic reduction of the CO2 production. Every minute you work with our PhotonWeld machines you save energy, time and money and you make our world greener!  Switching from normal welding (TIG-MIG) to laser welding gives you already a huge Ecological and ecological advance, but with our Photonweld-EcoLener line you will beat anybody and you will become sustainable.

Being GREEN is now one of the most important factors to create a sustainable planet where we all can live in the future.

PhotonWeld: High efficient portable handheld Laser Welding Machines


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