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Danger of Laser radiation

Lasers used for welding applications radiate in the infrared spectra, which are not visible to the humaneye.

The intensive fiber laser light radiate in the visible spectrum but invisible for humans, is especially dangerous to the eye. Fibre laser radiation penetrate through to the retina which can be destroyed irrevocably by relatively little radiation.
Misdirected laser radiation can come directly from the laser and threaten the eyes as a result of a faulty parameter setting, an opened cover, a displaced mirror etc. Other hazards include skin burn or inflammation from combustible materials as a result of misdirected laserradiation. The greatest hazard, however, usually stems from reflected laser radiation: the major share of the laser radiation is reflected by coldmaterial first. To this we can add reflections of work piece edges, as a result of turbulence in the weld pool etc. 
Misdirected radiation and reflections must be blocked off. That is why the law stipulates that the laser beam and the work zone must be in an enclosure. Beyond that, all those present, and the machine operators in particular, should wear protective goggles that are appropriate for the laser radiation being used.  Fbre laser radiation are very dangerous to the eye and require special protective measures andapproved safety goggles.

Standard protective goggles made of glass or acrylic glass are not suitable at all, as glass and acrylic glass allow fibre laser radiation to pass through!

Laser protection class 4 applies to our Wobble manual laser welding equipment when in operation.

Different measures are therefore required on the customer side to ensure laser safety, such as the appropriate training of employees, wearing special protective equipment and setting up a separate laser safety area.

Rules of conduct on the safe use of lasers

The following rules are of particular importance:

  • Never point the laser beam at anyone’s eyes!
  • Do not look directly into a laser beam!
  • Always wear protection glasses!
  • If the laser light accidentally strikes your eyes, close your eyes and immediately move your head out of the laser beam.
  • Do not use any focusing optical device to look at the laser beam while working with lasers.

Our Selected Safety eyewear for laser welding

Good Eyes Safety Requires Wearing Protective Eyewear When Using Welding or Cleaning Lasers

Glasses and goggles are clasified by its Optical Density (OD).

That is the base-0 logarithm of the attenuation factor by how much the filter reduces the beam’s power.  For example, glasses with OD 2 reduce the laser beam by a factor of 100 (10²), glasses with OD 3 reduce the laser beam by a factor of 1000 (10³), ...  Required eyewear must reduce the OD to a power below the maximum permissible exposure.
You must also make certain the lenses and frames of the glasses are physically strong enough to take a direct hit from the laser without breaking. Therefore, you must also take into account their damage threshold.  The OD and light wavelengths the glasses protect against are usually pad printed on the frames or in the glass. 
Also, laser operators must wear the glasses specifically for that laser’s wavelength. Laser glasses for another machine, with a beam of a different wavelength, are not safe even if their OD is just as high or their laser frequency is different.

Coated protection goggles are not alowed as a small scratch in the coating makes them useless!! The lens material must contain the laser absobtion material thru all the lens-material.

OUR 1064 ~1084 nm SELECTED LASER SAFETY EYEWEAR For LASER WELDING - Soon available 2022 - 02

1064 ~ 1084 nm FIBER LASER SAFETY GLASSES - 1064 ~ 1084 nm YAG LASER SAFETY GOGGLES - Laser Welding Safety Eyewear

Specific eye protection for laser Welding

With red pointer visible!

Protection TYPE ONE Eyewear Filter Material for Laser Welding

GREEN - VLT 50+ - OD7+

  • Green Colour
  • Recommended for all wobble laser welding laser till MAX 1800 Watt 
  • Very good visibility
  • Red pointer fully visible
  • Good protection
  • Optical Density for Welding laser Light: OD 7+ CE Filter: 190~450nm OD7+ & 800~1100nm OD7+
  • Visible Light Transmittance rate: VLT 50~53% : very clear and good view
  • Fully coloured material, no scratchable coating

TYPE TWO Eyewear Filter Material for Laser Welding

BRAUN VLT 35~38% - OD8+

  • Braun Colour
  • Recommended for bright Splattering welding material plus 2000 Watt and Higer Power
  • Very good visibility
  • Red pointer fully visible
  • Good protection
  • Optical Density for Wleding laser Light: OD 8+ CE
  • Filter: 190~540nm OD3+ & 800~1100nm OD8+
  • Visible Light Transmittance rate: VLT 50~53% : very clear and good view
  • Fully coloured material, no scratchable coating

PhotonWeld: High efficient portable handheld Laser Welding Machines


PhotonWELD Safety Features

PhotonWELD is a Class IV laser system and routine precautions are required for the safe operation of the equipment.

Operator protective equipment including welding gloves, welding shield and 1070 nm laser-safe glasses are required.