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PhotonWeld A-Pro T90

Portable Mono phase 220V Laser Welding power beyond imagination

PhotonWeld A-Pro handheld laser welding is super easy to learn, very simple, and tremendous fast to set up and provides consistent high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses. We weld the highest thickness of the market today.

PhotonWeld A-Pro Series laser Welding Machines

The new aircooled Laser Welding Champion in Ecologic and Economic Performance - with liquid gas injection cooling direct into the lasersource

Our Team has been working very hard to upgrade our very best PhotonWeld A-Pro Series to an Energy Saving Winner by integrating the latest Laser Source technology with the highest Energy saving in the market and bring you the PhotonWeld-A-Pro Series. With a Wall plug efficiency from over 50%, we do beat all other laser welding machine makers on the market.

Our PhotonWeld A-Pro Laser Welding Machine consumes till 42% Energy less compared to our laser welding competitors and till 78% less than the conventional welding machines. This can count at the end of the year on your electricity bill and in the mean time you help to save our planet by a drastic reduction of the CO2 production. Every minute you work with our PhotonWeld machines you save energy, time and money and you make our world greener!

Switching from normal welding (TIG-MIG) lo wobble laser welding gives you already a huge Ecological advance, but with our Photonweld-EcoLener line you will beat anybody.

Being GREEN and saving energy is now one of the most important factors to create a planet where we can live in the future.

Most powerfull Handheld Laser Welding Machine on the market : 9 mm single side welding in Steel

Single weld sample : 6,5 mm S355 steel with big mill scale and welded with 1.6 mm wire infeed

A New World Of handheld Laser Welding: 6mm and above single side thru welding

PhotonWeld A-Pro T90: the most powerful laser welding machine from Lasermach.

Lasermach handheld laser Welders lead the welding industry in power and capability. 


Select the Perfect System for Your Needs

Serie PhotonWeld A-PRO PhotonWeld A-PRO-T90  
  NEW ! : available 04-2024  
Max Welding Penetration - Single side Welding    
Stainless Steel 9,0mm  
Carbon Steel 9,0mm  
Cortensteel 6,0 mm  
Galvanized steel 7,0mm  
Aluminium 3000/5000 7,0mm  
Aluminium 6000 series 6,0 mm  
Brass 4,5 mm  
Copper 4,0 mm  
Titanium 5,0 mm  
Zink >98% 4,0 mm  
Fibre cable length 5/10/15 m  
Power supply cable 10m  
Weight 48kg  
Dimensions (L-H-W) 673-505-310mm  
Operating temperature -20 ~ +60°C  
Noise level < 50 dB  
Power connection 220V - Mono - 20,8A  
Applicable wire diameter 0,8/1,0/1,2/1,6 mm  
Double wire infeed 2 x 0,8/1,0/1,2/1,6 mm  
Predefined Welding Parameters 40  
Free programmable welding Parameters 20  
Active cooling with Inverter driven compressor and servo driven ventilators    
Maximum Welding Thickness is depending of the material quality    

Sample: Pulsed shot of 300 milli seconds with our T-90

thru 10 mm S355 steel with heavy Mill scale on both surfaces