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PhotonSAFE®: Non Conbustable Laser Welding laser Welding rooms

All materials used are all "non-combustible" as rhey received all an Euroclass A1 rating under BS EN 13501-1

A1 materials are completely non-combustible while A2 materials have very limited combustibility. While A1 materials have no contribution to fire, A2 materials have limited contribution to fire. Stringent tests must be passed in order for construction products to reach a Class A rating. As above, A1 rated products do not require additional safety tests given they are completely non-combustible. Examples of these materials include aluminium, steel, natural stone, concrete and porcelain. 

Lasermach’s design allows for easy installation as our lightweight panels with fire ratings Class A1 come in 800-1000-1200 mm width and are assembled on site. Installing this way minimizes the need for riggers and costly equipment needed to install full wall panels.

PhotonSAFE® is the solution for providing an enclosure for light based welding applications, and is available in standard and customized versions. Lighting, bottle securement, fume extraction, power management, and table integration are all features available on the PhotonSAFE welding booth system. Interlock protection is standard on the PhotonSAFE and can be integrated with the Photonweld laser welding (or other brands) machines.



Laser Welding Enclosures

LaserWelding Booth's IKEA Style! Select dimensions and we ship a ready made plug and play package to build yourself

The latest generation of handheld laser welders and cleaning systems are fast, easy to operate and produce high quality, consistent welds across a range of different materials and thicknesses. However, you must not overlook the required safety and personal protection measures whilst capitalising on these productivity gains.

When using a Class 4 laser welder it is imperative that you use a suitable Class 4 enclosure. 

Lasermach have designed a standard “plug and play” range of safety booths that provides this safe working environment and will be delivered “IKEA” Style. You can fit yourself the booth easily in your workshop.

2 Layer Wall System