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For a Greener Tomorrow

Owing to the high conversion efficiency of the Fiber laser, you can slash your electricity bill. The energy efficiency achieves values of between 40 and 50% – exceptional for laser technology.

Rethinking Welding for a Greener Tomorrow

Currently, the metal welding sector accounts also for of part of global carbon emissions. According to experts, this number is expected to increase dramatically by 2030, which leaves a clear incentive for the industry to deliver significant reductions in emissions in the years to come.

Manufacturing Industry is requested to operate economically. In terms of sustainability this means to make responsible use of resources according to the economic principle.

Instead of 

maximum profit from minimum capital” 

the term should be superseded by 

maximum results (economically and ecologically) from minimum resources”.


The necessity of efficient application of resources advances further into the focus of corporative tasks in economy, research and politics.  Within the framework of manufacturing the question has to be raised which possibilities exist to reduce the input ofresources as well as the emissions.
Against the background of statements like “. . . lasers are your best friend for a greener planet!” the ecological impact of lasers in materials processing fulfils most of the conditions for resource and energy efficient manufacturing due to it's specific characteristics like concentrated energy input and high thermal efficiencies.

With our New PhotonWeld© High Efficient Laser Welding Machine with the revolutionary EcolEner® Energy Saving Technology, we are able to increase the Wall Plug Efficiency to levels over 50%, which is an energy reduction of over 30% compared to normal laser welding machines and till 90% compared to conventional arc welding machines.