Laser Defender

Laser Welding safety curtain for reflected laserlight only

Laser-Weld-Curtain: DEFENDER

The laser safety curtain Weld-Curtain-Defender protects against direct scattered radiation that occurs during the laser welding process. A delimitation of the laser welding area with the Weld-Curtain-Defender is a cost-effective alternative to laser protection screens or laser protection cabins in applications where weak scattered radiation occurs.


  • Certified according to EN 60825-4 (Safety of laser devices - Part 4: Laser safety walls)
  • Material: single layer, both sides dark grey
  • Weight: 650 g/m²
  • Thickness 0.6mm

Protection values ​​according to EN 60825-4

Please note that the curtain material only protects against stray light from the laser when using a hand-held laser welding device as intended. It is necessary for the laser protection officer in your company to confirm as part of a risk assessment that the maximum permissible radiation levels of the curtain are not being reached or exceeded. Scattered radiation, which can escape upwards, downwards or sideways, must be evaluated by the laser safety officer with regard to maximum permissible radiation levels depending on the on-site situation. Additional laser protection measures may be required.

Irradiated area

PEL (T2) 100 s - 1070nm


∅ 1 mm 

∅ 3 mm 

∅ 5 mm 

258 W/cm² 

72 W/cm²

41 W/cm²


* PEL = Permissible Exposure Limits

Wavelength=1070nm, T=100s

protective exposure limit = PEL

PEL>258.09W/cm², φ=1mm
PEL>72.33W/cm²,  φ=3mm
PEL>41.08W/cm²,  φ=5mm