Laser Safety windows - Laser Safety protection windows

Acrylic fully coloured laser protection windows in different absorbtion classes

The technological development in the field of absorbing dyes during the last years results in more and more resistant plastic/acrylic laser protection windows. In the past the plastic windows were commonly used against stray radiation. Meanwhile some plastic laser protection windows achieve a laser resistances comparable or even beter to that of mineral glass windows. A representative example therefor is the laser protection window protection+8 with 5mm thickness. Between 1030nm-1400nm it achieves with OD8+ and a 10 seconds test time an EN 207 protection level of D LB7 + IRM LB8.

An essential advantage regarding plastic/acrylic laser protection windows is the availability of much larger sheets and the lower weight. The main application range is for our windows laser welding enclosures. For such applications lasermach is offering a large variety of different acrylic laser protection windows depending on the power, wavelength and application.

Windows are not considered to be PPE and can be marked with their optical density OD only, but as a standard, most materials do have a certification acc. to EN207 and acc. DIN EN 60825-4 and indicate LB ratings. 


  • Low weight, good optical properties
  • Available for many laser and laser combinations
  • Most window filter certified acc. EN207 with 5s and 10s
  • Dimensions up to 1240mm x 1000mm for all absorption classes
  • Some filters available in 3mm, 5mm or 6mm thickness