Stainless steel in Architecture, Building & Construction

Stainless steel is used in all aspects of architecture, building and construction. While it has been used in this industry since the 1920’s and is not a new material, stainless steel’s use and range of applications has been growing. Some applications are highly visible and stainless steel is both aesthetic and functional, such as curtain wall and roofing. Others are practical, safety related and sometimes hidden, like masonry and stone anchors, bollards and safety railings.

The number of different stainless steel alloys used in building and construction has expanded.  The more highly alloyed molybdenum containing stainless steels are preferred by leading architectural and landscape design and structural engineering firms for more corrosive locations because of their enhanced corrosion resistance.

Air pollution, salt exposure, weather patterns, design and cleaning frequency must be considered when selecting stainless steel and other construction materials if good long term performance is desired. In applications with coastal or deicing salt, industrial pollution, volcanic or other corrosive environment exposure, a molybdenum-containing stainless steel with a smooth surface finish is needed unless frequent cleaning is acceptable. Molybdenum improves pitting and crevice corrosion resistance, which is particularly helpful in preventing staining due to salt and corrosive pollution damage.

Elevator and Escalator

Stainless walls in elevators

Elevator and escalator sector improves quality aspects with laser welding technology

Laser welding in Elevator and Escalator construction

Wobble+ laser welding technology is able to provide a vast array of high-quality, dynamic specialized finishes on stainless steel and other metals. Elevator and escalator builders have a reputation in the metal finishing industry as being one of the leading industries of high quality metal finishes with stainless-steel products that enhance the lifespan and aesthetics of elevator interiors, doors and architraves. Wobble+ technology helps you even to improve this quality level!

Metal doors - Stainless Doors

Exterior stainless steel doors

Metal doors - Stainless Doors faster finished with laser Welding

Improved quality by laser welding in metal door and window construction

Metal doors and specific stainless steel doors are ideal for commercial, industrial and high style environments. Constructed like standard hollow metal doors but with stainless steel components, stainless doors are pleasing to the eye, corrosion resistant, hygienic, fire-resistant and offer unsurpassed durability. Wobble+ technology helps you to reach a perfect quality and a fast assembly.