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PhotonWeld © - the new reference in real sustainable Laser Welding

The Best LaserWelding machines for handheld, Robot, Cobot, automation and CNC machines

The Advantages of Laser Welding Over Arc Welding

Product designers and process engineers considering laser welding as an alternative to more conventional types of welding, such as MIG-MAG or/and TIG arc welding, will find each has its plusses and minuses. But for most applications laser welding is a cleaner, more precise, and more controlled method of welding and is especially much faster and better controllable.


The Best or Nothing!

Portable Multifunction Laser Welding Machines

PhotonWeld Series:

The Swiss army knifes for the metal Worker!

TEN in ONE Multitool

1 - Laser Welding without material infeed

2 - Laser Welding with material infeed

3 - Laser Welding of dissimilar metals

4 - Laser Spot Welding

5 - Laser Fish Scale Welding

6 - Laser Stitch Welding

7 - Laser Cutting

8 - Laser Cleaning

9 - Laser Deburring

10 - Laser Edge Rounding


The FIRST Truly Portable Continous Wave Wobble Laser Welder 

PhotonWELD is FASTER and Easier than Traditional MIG & TIG Welding and is much faster than a non continous wave laser welder

PhotonWELDTM handheld laser welding is easy to learnsimple and fast to set up and provides consistent high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses

Experienced MIG and TIG users benefit from the more rapid and flexible processing capabilities of PhotonWELD:

  • Up to 7X~10x faster than TIG
  • Up to 4X faster than QCW Laser welders with only pulse welding for higher power 
  • Easy to learn and operate with highest process consistency
  • High quality welding of thick, thin and reflective metals without distortion, deformation, undercut or burn-through
  • Welding of dissimilar metal parts of different thicknesses
  • 80% Less energy consumption
  • Dramatically low heat input and minimized heat affected zone
  • Minimal part setup and post-processing grinding or polishing
  • Increased productivity with no need for machining or straightening deformed parts

Designed in Belgium

Deliver business value

Today more than ever, outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time, promoting thinking in circular models and realising visions of a better world based on the design of actions. 

How can the sustainable transformation of our industry and society succeed? 

By simply make it better than the others!



PhotonWeld A2 & PhotonWeld A-PRO Series


PhotonWeld-A2 Series

Simply The Best

PhotonWeld-A2 - Series

Heat-pump cooled Premium Portable laser Welding Series

2nd Generation

Available in 3 models:


PhotonWeld A2-T40: 

Welds 4 mm Stainless Steel - 3 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A2-T60: 

Welds 6mm Stainless Steel - 5 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A2-T80: 

Welds 8 mm Stainless Steel - 6 mm Aluminium

PLUS Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, rounding, ...

Runs full power from -10°C till +55°C on 100% Duty


Goto PhotonWeld-A

PhotonWeld-A-PRO Series

The Best even made better

PhotonWeld A-PRO Series

Premium Heat-pump cooled Portable, rugged and rain proof laser Welding Machine - Feels and Looks like a normal Welding machine


A new star is born!

Rain resisitant (class IPX3)

Laser Welding Machine 

Available in 3 models:

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T40: 

Welds 4,0 mm Stainless Steel - 3,5 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T55: 

Welds 5,5mm Stainless Steel - 5,0 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T75: 

Welds 7,5 mm Stainless Steel - 6,0 mm Aluminium

PLUS Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, rounding, ...

Runs full power from -20°C till +60°C on 100% Duty


Goto PhotonWeld A-PRO

Why is our Air-cooled PhotonWeld series much better than all the other air cooled laser Welding Machines?

Because we are the only one with an super efficient heatpump inside that keeps the machine cool in any situation.

Photonweld-A series are the only laserwelding machines that are:

=>able to work 100% of the time on 100% duty (full power)

=>work from -10(-20 opt)°C till +55(+60 opt)°C

=>equipped with an invertor driven compressor pump

=>equipped with a super economical abd ecological heat pump

=>IPX3 rain-proof for PRO Model

Consumes 22% to 65 % less energy than other LaserWelding Machines

Is air-cooled

No need heating up time in the winter

Runs from a standard 240v mono plug


EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

ECOLENER ® Photon Saving Technology

PhotonWeld-R Series

Robot/Cobot Ready Laser Welding Packages


Robot-ready laser Welding


Robot/cobot Ready laser welding packages



ROBOT/COBOT ready made plug in laser Welding systems

Goto PhotonWeld-R

PhotonWeld-W Series

Stopped Production

PhotonWeld-W / Water Cooled

Water-cooled Stopped production

PhotonWeld W-Series

W = WATER Cooled

Stopped production!!


Due to the much higher energy consumption, lack of flexibility, the long heating-up time in the winter at start-up, the huge space requirements and the major big weight from the water cooled laser welding machines, we decided to stop the production of the water cooled laser welding machines. Our Air cooled laser welding machines with build in invertor driven heath pump outperform all the water cooled versions, which made it ecological and economical irresponsable to offer or sell still this old inefficient, space and energy eating devices. Although the purchase price of water-cooled laser welding machines is interesting, this investment is a very bad choice for our environment and your wallet.

Thank you for your understanding.

What Types of Material Can be Welded with our PhotonWeld laser welding machines?

Lasers can weld many different types of materials together. Stainless steel, titanium,nickel, aluminum, molybdenum, and Inconel are just a few of the metals that are
well-suited to laser welding. What is important to note, however, is that not all metal combinations are weldable.
Aluminum, for example, can be laser welded. However,only dissimilar grades of aluminum can be welded together due to a high probability of cracking.

This is one area where laser welding differs from conventional welding. In conventional welding, the metals don’t bond directly with one another, but rather with the filler material being used. This can be a major factor in determining whether or not a particular application lends itself to laser welding.

Laser Welding of similar materials

Laser Weldable Materials - Material selection

Material Comments
Aluminum 1050, 3003 and 6061 to 4047 are OK. Continuous wave welding increases weldability of alloys such as 5052 and 5082.
  Aluminum alloys should be tested thoroughly for crack sensitivity
Aluminum 1100 Welds well, but needs to be welded with dissimilar aluminum
Aluminum 2219 Welds well, but needs to be welded with dissimilar aluminum
Aluminum 2024/5052/6061 Requires filler material
Beryllium Copper Low reflectivity so welds well - Potential safety hazard exists from the beryllium oxide fumes
Copper High reflectivity creates uneven welds
  Good to medium welds. High energy levels required to overcome surface reflectivity unless 532 nm wavelength welding laser used.
Cu-Zn Brasses Out-gassing of Zn prevents good welds
Hastelloy-X Welds well, with specific pulse rates
Molybdenum Brittle weld but weld may be acceptable for low strength weld requirements
Nickel Good weld, but must be cleaned
Nickel alloys Good welds, especially with alloys such as Hastelloy-X, Inconel 600 and 718
  Inconel 625 - Welds well, but some tendency for porosity in deep welds
Nitinol Good welds. Care needed to avoid brittleness
Monel Good weld, good penetration
Phosphor bronze Good welds
Steel, Carbon Good welds with carbon content under 0.25%
  Carbon content should be less than 0.12% for pulsed welding, up to 0.2% for continuous wave welding
Steel, Galvanized Porous, brittle weld
Steel Stainless 304 and 304L produce excellent welds
  316 and 316L are OK provided Cr/Ni ratio is greater than 1.7
  300 Stainless - Welds well
  303 is not recommended due to cracking tendencies. Can be matched with friendlier materials such as 304. A CW laser can be used to increase weldability.
  3030 and 303SE which cracks - no good welds
  400 series require testing for crack sensitivity.
Steel, 17-4 PH Stainless Welds well with post weld
Tantalum Welds well but oxidation likely
Titanium Welds well but oxidation likely
Tungsten Weld can be brittle

Laser Welding of Dissimilar Materials

Dissimilar Material Selection Guide for laser welding

Material 1 Material 2 Comments
Aluminium Cold rolled steel Can be bonded - brittle intermetallics are created at the interface. Fitness for purpose testing essential.
Aluminium Copper Can be bonded - brittle intermetallics are created at the interface. Fitness for purpose testing essential.
Stainless steel Nitinol Can be bonded - brittle intermetallics are created at the interface. Fitness for purpose testing essential.
Stainless steel Titanium Can be bonded - brittle intermetallics are created at the interface. Fitness for purpose testing essential.
Stainless steel Inconel OK with certain alloys (304 with 600/700), need to watch for cracking. When welding, offset into the steel to promote high Cr/N ratio in weld metal
Stainless steel Copper OK
Copper Phosphor bronze OK
Titanium Aluminium OK with certain aluminium alloys (1xxx & Ti-6Al-4V)

PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family

Lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%.

PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family, a new generation of kW class low-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%. PhotonWELD Series offers an unparalleled level of reliability, have higher wall-plug efficiency, are brighter and more reliable than kW class diode lasers built by combining multiple emitters into a single output. The ECOLENER Series is perfectly suited for applications that cannot tolerate any downtime or service intervention. The EcolEner can be used in all high power application areas, including cutting, welding, brazing, cladding and surface treatment.

EcolEner : patented High Efficient Energy saving Technology from Lasermach

Saving minimal 22% energy compared to laser welding machines with standard laser sources

Sustainability is emerging as an important approach that manufacturing companies employ to improve their economic profitability and competitive advantage by enhancing environmental performance. Consistent with the contemporary aspects of ecological responsibility, specific forms of ECOLogical ENERgy (ECOLENER ®) saving mediate the relationship between an environmental sustainability orientation and environmental performance.

Every PhotonWeld laser Welding Machine is equipped witht the unique and patented EcolEner energy saving technology. Minimal 22% energy saving compared to any other laser source and up to 85% energy saving compared to any other Welding Machine

EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

Lasermach opens European Laser Welding Innovation Center in the center of Europe (Mouscron - Belgium)

Laser Welding Machine with Professional training and instruction included in our Laser Welding DEMO/TEST/TRAINING Centrum.

PhotonWeld: High efficient portable handheld Laser Welding Machines


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