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Laser Welding College : Modern Laser Welding Technology College’s first training qualification certification successfully completed - Laser welding Test Centrum- Laser welding training center


Lasermach opened the Laser Welding Technology Centre (LWTC) in Mouscron (B) in 2022. In response to market demand, and to enhance technological leadership in the industry, the centre will help Lasermach and PhotonWeld to develop pioneering solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges!

The LWTC increases capacity for research and development, featuring a 400 m2 workshop dedicated to collaborative R&D projects with its customers requiring specialized materials and technology.

The new Laser Welding workshop will enable Lasermach to focus on the many designs of technological solutions aligned with market expectations and build closer relationships with customers, who are already eager to sponsor and support key innovative developments. Lasermach is shaping the future by investing in laser welding technology and training and LWTC is ideally located, just minutes away from Lille (F) international railway-station for high speed trains, central in Europe between France, Germany, UK, Netherlands and Belgium, making all meetings, seminars and workshops easy and accessible to all.

The experience gained in the field of laser welding within the PhotonWeld European Tet and Training Centre (ETTC) in Belgium also allows us to approach critical applications or combined joints between different materials. The presence of surface coatings such as zinc or tin, for example, is not a critical issue anymore for us for this type of process.

Become an Laser Welding Expert

PhotonWeld Academy - Where can i learn to laser Weld? - where can i get laser Welding lessons?

Acquire in-depth knowledge and become a laser welding expert thanks to the PhotonWeld Laser Welding Academy. When you purchase a laser welding machine from Lasermach, we provide a training course to teach you how to work safely and productively with the technology. Our experience in the field puts us in the right position to teach you all we know about laser welding and its possibilities. Even if you are not yet part of the Lasermach community, we are happy to help you discover the world of laser cleaning.

What should you expect?

When you participate in the PhotonWeld academy, you will receive a first introduction to the world of laser welding. We start with theory, but also offer the opportunity to get started in practice and even weld your own parts.

PhotonWeld Laser Welding School and Demo/Test Centrum

Laser Welding Excellence Center

DEMO & TEST laser welding experience Center - laser welding school - laser welding test centrum - laser welding education - laser welding test center

PhotonWeld European Test and Training Centre (ETTC)

Fiber laser system manufacturer and Designer Lasermach has opened his new demo and traing center in Belgium (near Kortrijk), near the french border (15 km from "Lille" France)  The demo center allows current and potential customers to view live demonstrations of various laser systems in a safe and correct enviroment and to test themselves the laser Welding Machines. Also training, learning and education about working with lasers and with laser safety is central! 

The new 350m² Demo-Training Center of Lasermach signifies a growing international presence for the Belgian premium laser system provider for the metal business.  It is a way for lasermach to bring all the advantages of laser welding technology closer to the manufacturing industry in europe. 


Test our laser welding machine before you buy in our test and Demo Center

Do you want to know if your production can be done with our welding machine, simply give a call and we can arrange to weld your parts for testing!

Our Laser demo center will help you find the best solution!

Test our laser welding machines before buying them

Lasermach pays great attention to our customer satisfaction. For this reason we offer you to use our modern demo center that will help you solve your machining problems.  Our Wobble Demo center has up to date equipment including most recent laser wobble machines that we offer in our program. 

So you can test each product before buying it. In this way we facilitate your purchasing decision.

How can our demo center help you to find the best solution for your welding problems?

Our business partners can test the operation and advantages of all the machines from our program on their own product (or on our materials) and with the help of our trained sales technicians find the best solution for individual machining problems.  When cooperating with us you will get a partner who will based on his longstanding experiences, knowledge and up to date equipped demo center know how to solve your machining problems.

With our Management Philosophy “Grow with our Customers and thru our Customers”, The Lasermach Technical Center is opened for customers to provide hands-on access to Lasermach's engineering and technical expertise by showcasing leading-edge laser welding and laser cleaning technologies and the latest generation of our PhotonWeld equipment. Representing the most recent addition to lasermach’s growing network of customer-centered sites, the Technical Center provides the ideal setting for training, technical seminars, machine demonstrations and verification process. Regular in-house exhibitions and events will take place here, where technical know-how is shared and the latest machine innovations are demonstrated in live operation

The overall concept of the Technical Center is to consistently and optimally support Lasermach's customers in being innovative, competitive and efficient today and in the future. The focus is, in addition to the exhibition of technologies, a solution-spanning offer of analysis and consulting. In the Technical Center, each customer is individually and comprehensively informed about the latest developments in laser welding and laser cleaning.

Book your laser Welding training session or laser Welding learning session

350m² of laser welding Test-Centrum

50°45'08.3"N 3°10'59.1"E

50.752311, 3.183076

Rue de l'Echauffourée 31G - B7700 Mouscron Belgium


To Make your free appointment call :

PhotonWeld DEMO-Center

Phone: +32 56 333 240

from 8h00 - 18h00 every weekday

Patrick: +32 475 73 63 51 

or mail to

Training and Demo Centrum for Wobble Laser Welding Technology - Laser Welding School

We finished our new building for the future demo center of 350m² (08-2022) and hope to have all our equipment to make the GRAND OPENING in 02/2023

Lasermach Laser Welding Experience Center

Free DEMO's - TESTING - Laser Welding TRAINING on demand

Laser Welding Training

PhotonWeld - Laser Welding Training Center

Laser Welding Certificate Course

Expand your knowledge of laser welding!

This two-day certificate course focuses on the fundamentals and applications of laser welding technology specific on Handheld Laser Welding. The curriculum will address how lasers work, types of lasers, laser welding basics, process optimization, and metallurgy of laser welds.

Classroom instruction will be followed up with practical, hands-on demonstrations. These live application trials will demonstrate how best to optimize hand-laser welding equipment to achieve the highest quality of welds by showing good and bad examples.

Participants will learn not only how to laserweld by hand but also how to distinguish between the different types of welds and identify the root causes of common failures.


At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to earn an Handheld Laser Welding certificate by successfully completing an exam.