Premium appliance cabinet & case manufacturing With handheld laser Welding Machines

Household appliances liberate people from heavy, trivial and time-consuming domestic work, create a more comfortable and beautiful life and work environment for human beings, and provide rich and colorful cultural and entertainment conditions, which has become a necessity of modern family life. 
Household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioning alloy boxes, television metal shells, other metal accessories are mainly made of thin carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet materials, which have high requirements for lightweight, dimensional accuracy and appearance aesthetics of products.

As a household necessities, the market space of kitchenware and bathroom is extremely huge. With the improvement of daily consumption level, the structure of kitchenware and bathroom products has gradually evolved from meeting the functional requirements to the direction of beauty, fashion, environmental protection and low energy consumption, and the use of materials and processing technology are also constantly upgrading. 

A large number of metal panels such as stainless steel are used for smoking machines, gas appliances, cooking ranges, disinfecting cabinets, shower showers and water basins, etc., which requires high lightweight, dimensional accuracy and aesthetic appearance of products.

The high peak energy and non-contact processing form of Lasermach laser Welding machine is particularly suitable for sheet metal processing, which can achieve high processing speed, high size accuracy, no deformation of parts, and low production cost; compared with the traditional argon arc welding process, the laser welding process has the advantages of fast welding speed, small deformation of workpiece, smooth and beautiful weld, and no need for secondary processing.