Whether you’re a hobbyist or seriously into auto-body work, having a good welder makes all the difference in finishing your cars quickly and to the highest quality.

There are plenty of welders to choose from, and everyone has their own opinion of what they like, so not every welder we have below will suit you. However, we have developped the VERY BEST welder for automotive work: 

  • VERY FAST : 5~7 times faster than TIG or MIG
  • Without deformation: due to the very low and local heat input you do not get any deformation of the thin sheets
  • No need for heavy Protection
  • Very economical : reduce the electrical consumption with almost 70%
  • Easy to use - simple to learn
  • The only Ecological responsable Welding Machine

Whether you’re a MIG welder, a TIG welder, or want a machine you can do both with, werecommend you to check our affordable PhotonWeld-A800-bodywork.