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Connect to the all the Different cobot brands

Collaborative robots are becoming increasingly important and the demand for automation is growing. It is therefore not surprising that the number of types of cobots has increased significantly in recent years. In total, there are now about 65 different cobot manufacturers that focus on the production and development of cobots.

Techman Robot

Fanuc Robotics

Kuka Robotics

Universal Robots

Stäubli Robotics

ABB Robotics

Yaskawa robotics

Siasun Robots

Omron Robotics

Mitsubischi Electronics robotics

Doosan Robotics

Aubo Cobotics

Franka Emika robotics



With the Direct Connect module, PhotonWeld's cobot-ready welding machine can easily be connected to many different cobot brands. Connecting the existing manual welding machine with a cobot saves time and money and offers a kick-start to automated welding.

Collaborative robots, cobots, have come to the markets with force since they offer lightweight design, flexibility, and intelligence with a reasonable investment. Workers can quickly teach cobots specific welding applications and have them working on actual welding while operators can concentrate on different activities.

Lasermach offers an easy and fast-to-set-up cobot welding solution consisting of a laser welding machine (incl. power source, wire feeder, welding torch) as a base, a compact direct Digital Connection Module (DCM) Cobot interface, A-Pro torch holder, and a mobile app. The flexible DCM module connects the PhotonWeld A-Pro laser welding machine with the cobot (any cobot). For the laser welding machine, Lasermach has a wide range of cobot/robot -ready alternatives.  The torch holder is designed so that the manual welding torch can be fitted to it. It has a quick attachment system so the welder can effortlessly detach the torch from the cobot and add manual welding to the workflow.