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PhotonWeld Series

Extended Power Ramping functions

Power Ramp: optimized welding at critical points

POWER RAMP operates, at the start of the welding process, by reducing the power supplied by the laser beam and gradually increasing it until the selected nominal value is reached. In the final phase, SOFT POWER RAMP operates inversely, reducing the nominal power delivered by the laser beam to obtain a gradual shutdown. Seam Weld power ramping tapers power for optimal overlap and crack-free hermetic welds.

It allows optimizing the metal solidification and melting phases so as to avoid sudden temperature changes, thus reducing the shrinkage tensions of the material. As result :

  • The machined piece is free from functional defects, and therefore conforms to its original design intent.
  • The welding bead appears aesthetically uniform and does not require subsequent polishing jobs.


Soft Start - Soft Stop Function

SOFT Start is a software function developed by lasermach that affects the laser welding process by optimizing its performance, specifically at two critical points: the start and end of the welding process. By modulating the power delivered by the laser beam in the initial and final phases of the process, SOFT Start/Stop is able to avoid the onset of porosity and cracks, marginal incisions – surface depressions that can be generated at the end of the weld bead, as well as prevent the formation of any other aesthetic and functional defects.