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The Best or Nothing!

PhotonWeld A-PRO

New Rugged and rain proof laser Welding Machine - Making 'Smart' More Simple

PhotonWeld A-PRO: Innovation meets Tradition

Laser Welding Machines with the sensational feeling and the looks of Arc Welding Machines

PhotonWeld-A-Pro-Series: Revolutionary Handheld Laser Welding System for Fabricators

PhotonWELD TM handheld laser welding machines are easy to learn, simple and fast to set up and provides consistent high-quality results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses


The first laser welder that looks and feels like a regular welder, but who is much better than a regular welding machine!

It is obvious that this machine has been developed by Welding specialists for the best welders


User interfaces have always been a vital aspect of the working experience. The look, feel and method of interface interaction is one way that machine manufacturers separate themselves from competing machine makers.  In the industry electromechanical switches play a large role in defining the touch, feel of interface actuation. 

As the gateway to a user interface, a switch or dial solution must have a desirable appearance and feel. To achieve this result, we worked closely together with major automotive switch manufacturers to optimize aesthetics, ergonomics and performance.  The result is that even with gloves on, you feel the clicks in the rotary dials. This selection dials do give you the feedback when turning. You do even not have to look to know how much you did set the parameters up or down.

PhotonWeld A-Pro series of handheld laser welders always puts customers' needs first and provides customized solutions for the difficulties in copper welding applications.

Laser energy density and resistance to high reactive energy are the keys to continues welding.

The PhotonWeld A-Pro series handheld welding machine adopts an integrated design. It's unique integrated welding gun design has strong anti-return light capabilities and can continuously weld high-reflective materials without generating heat or shutting down.

The PhotonWeld A-Pro series of handheld welders has rich welding modes. Its pulse welding mode has a maximum welding frequency of up to 50KHz . In the high-frequency welding mode, the small spot laser can penetrate copper to form a weld while minimizing the thermal impact. .

PhotonWeld A-Pro series handheld welding adopts 14um "small core diameter" technology, the spot diameter is less than 40um , and the laser energy density is 300% higher than that of traditional laser welding machines. Even without wobble welding, it can effectively reduce porosity, which can be said to be a powerful tool for copper welding.  In addition to reducing porosity, "small core diameter laser technology can also increase laser utilization by making the beam energy more concentrated, reduce the reflection of laser by copper or Aluminum and extend the service life of lenses and handheld welders.

Lasermach continues to carry out technological innovation and research and development, continues to delve into customer scenarios, actively collects user feedback, conducts scientific research and application transformation of laser technology based on the difficulties and pain points that end users really need to solve, and uses the power of innovation and technology to create product value. Provide truly valuable solutions and establish Lasermach Laser’s own differentiated competitiveness.

Compact and Portable Laser Welding Machine

PhotonWeld A-PRO : "Smart" Made more simple

Serie PhotonWeld A-PRO   PhotonWeld A-PRO-T70 PhotonWeld A-PRO-T55 PhotonWeld A-PRO-T40  
Max Welding Penetration - Single side Welding          
Stainless Steel   7.0mm 5,5mm 4,0mm  
Carbon Steel   7,0mm 5,5mm 4,0mm  
Galvanized Sheet   6,0mm 5,0mm 3,5mm  
Aluminium   6,0mm 5.0 mm 3,5mm  
Fibre cable length   10m 10m 10m  
Power supply cable   10m 10m 10m  
Weight   46kg 41kg 38kg  
Dimensions (L-H-W)   673-505-310mm 673-505-310mm 673-480-310mm  
Operating temperature   -20 ~ +60°C -20 ~ +60°C -20 ~ +60°C  
Power connection   220V - Mono - 16A 220V - Mono - 16A 220V - Mono - 16A  
Active cooling with Inverter driven compressor and servo driven ventilators          
Maximum Welding Thickness is depending of the material quality          

VIDEO: Laser Welding is .... OUFFFF!

Independant laser welding machine test by "soudeurs 2.0" - click on video to view


Most Easy controllable Laser welding machine, 3 rotary buttons for the 3 most important functions

Innovative Control Concepts with gives you the feeling of using a standard Welding Machine

The only Synergetic Laser welding controller that works and feels like a normal welding machine



Step 1: Select your material on the screen 

Step 2: Select your thickness to weld on the screen

Step 3: Select if you are welding with or without wire infeed

Start Welding!

==>Thats all it needs to make a perfect laser Weld

NEW Synergic Control in Laser Welding : constant quality and rapid welding

Very simply, synergic control in a Laser welding machine refers to a machine that automatically sets the welding parameters, according to material to weld.

Human control alone is no longer enough in precision industrial processing where instruments such as welding machines are used. Only highly specialised workers can continue using manual welding machines, but this entails a high cost to companies where many high-skill welders need to be employed in the production line. An unskilled welder could make mistakes and slow down the whole work process, inevitably causing delays in deliveries and a rise in costs.

Today, the issues due to human error in welding are much lower thanks to technologies that make these machines synergic.

A synergic laser welding machine helps the worker not make mistakes, work quickly and with always-high quality standards. Our PhotonWeld A-Pro most advanced digital laser sources for welding does have selectable memories where all the settings are ready to go, depending on the material to be welded, the thickness of the material used, and if there is infeed wire chosen.

With these synergic welding machines, perfect beads can be made, quickly, even with less specialised welders.

Very visible and bright Alarmlights on the front screen

See immediatly when gas pressure is low or when the laser is on

Laser Welding Machines with invertor-Compressor driven Economical Heat pump

Able to run Continiuosly at 100% with 60% less energy consumption compared to other laser welding Machines

SmartCool i-drive Inverter Compressor

Taking efficiency even further

with liquid gas injection cooling 

direct into the lasersource 

Maximum reliability, wide operating range, continuous capacity modulation, class A efficiency.  The advantages of the ecolener formula represents the no-compromise solution of the new range.  The result is a unit that focuses on efficiency in all load conditions, overcoming the limitations traditionally imposed by the other cooling systems

Our High efficient Heat pump with invertor drive reduces drastic the electrical consumption

Heat pumps are a mature technology that is much more energy efficient than any other cooling or heating technology

Standard with digital wire feeder

highest productivity for the laser welding pros.

Laser Automatic Wire Feeder - Filler Wire Feeding Machine Digital Controlled is for us a standard

For Wire Type: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alumimum, Alloy, cupper, etc = We use standard welding wires on standard rolls

The cold wire feeder for Laser Welding by Lasermach offers highest productivity for the laser welding pros.

The lasermach Feed wire feed for Laser welding units ensures superior quality and high speed Laser welding with perfect precision. For this purpose, the automatic wire feed has a fully digital control, a tacho-controlled feed motor, and a 4-roller high-precision feed for precise wire feeding.

The Lasermach cold wire feeder ensures fool-proof feeding and reliable results without spatter in combination with the Laser welding unit when the maximum deposition rate is required in Laser welding. It is ideal for all laser welding tasks in which a filler metal is essential.

4-roller precision wire feed.

The 4-roller precision wire feed with tacho-controlled feed motor ensures precise wire feeding.

Digital speed control.

Ensures precise and reliable cold wire feeding while welding

Direct connection to the power source.

Simply connect the Lasermach Feed to your PhotonWeld A-PRO welding unit using the dedicated cable. This will exchange all relevant information and allow integrated control between your PhotonWeld welding unit and the automatic wire feed.

New design laser welding gun / laser torch

Light weight, small size, ergonomic design and comfortable grip;

Beautiful weld, high speed, no traces of welding, no discoloration, no need to polish afterwards;

Getting started with the operation is easy and the demands on the operators are extremely low.

The new laser manual welding head has an international standard two colour warning light, which conforms to EU safety production standards.

Revolutionary lightweight welding torch

Maximum performance. Minimum loss.

Our goal is to optimize the beam delivery from the high power laser to the work piece. Since our customers demand high performance, flexible solutions and no loss of power or time, we continuously work to improve and increase the possibilities of laser welding technology. 

Built-in Wobble Welding for Increased Productivity

  • Create highly aesthetic seams and weld parts with poor fit up
  • Adjustable Wobble frequency for the best results
  • Adjustable weld width from 0.1 mm up to 5 mm optimizes results
  • Wobble parameters are preprogrammed and can be adjusted on the fly, saved, and recalled immediately 

Ultra light and flexible torch

Only 595 gramm included the cable coupling

With a collimated QCS interface, it greatly reduces the volume, lenght and weight of the welding torch to only 595 gram

The fiber collimator is an important component of laser devices such as isolators and circulators. It is formed by precisely aligned the optical fiber and the focusing lens. It can not only collimate the beam output from the optical fiber but also couple the collimated beam into the optical fiber.

A compact and air-cooled fiber connector design including integrated collimating optics. The QCS is specially designed for diffraction limited medium-power fiber lasers. Built with standard or customized optical fiber. Compared with the conventional collimator, it has higher reliability and can withstand higher power laser. 

Super high speed Wobble head technology

2-D dynamic programmable beam motion

The concept of the 2-D dynamic beam motion or lineair wobble head technology. Independent control of the amplitude and frequency of the oscillation is achieved through a high speed servo controller, allowing more flexibility in stabilizing the keyhole melt during the welding process. 

Stability of the keyhole melt is a critical factor when laser welding dificult highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum. This is partly due to the tendency to spatter, and in the case of some aluminum alloys, a high level of porosity due to the viscosity and surface tension of the melt when using more traditional laser welding techniques. Recent studies have shown the reduction or elimination of these problems with the beam wobble technique, including a recent systematic study with and without fller wire on automotive aluminum alloys.

Overall, the wobble head technique allows for better temperature management of the part. Because the beam passes near any given point of the weld multiple times, the ramp in temperature and cooling rates is slower than in traditional laser welding, which helps eliminate defects and manage spatter.

In addition, this welding technique is compatible with typical welding accessories such as assist gas ports and coaxial nozzles that enable plume suppression and can help control spatter; techniques that are not readily compatible with the scan heads used in remote welding.

In addtion to stabilizing the keyhole melt and reducing porosity in the subsequent weld, the beam wobble technique has proven valuable for alleviating the part-fit requirements for laser welding. Using one of the programable shapes (infnity in this case) and optimizing the amplitide and frequency of the oscillation, an increase in the acceptable seam gap of three times that achieved in conventional laser welding has been demonstrated.

A compact and air-cooled fiber connector design including integrated collimating optics.


The welding torch design is super compact and very ergonomic, light, high comfortable to hold and easy to operate with even great acces to confined spaces.

  • 595 grams
  • 270mm x 230 mm total length total height
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Status Indicator
  • Auto centering of Laserbeam after crash
  • Robust construction
  • Well balanced and high comfortable
  • available with a selection of nozzle tips to optimize different joint types.
  • Single Trigger Operation 
  • QCS Fibre Optic Cable triple protected
  • 10 meter fiber cable to reach any corner of a big part
  • Dual safety light build-in
  • Auto wire feededing by continious push, auto wire retracting by short push

The use of collimated QCS interface greatly reduces the size and weight of the welding torch,only 595g.  The optical design is perfectly matched with the QCS output head, the transmission efficiency is high, and the heat generation is small.  In addition, the torch has a built-in swing function that allows the operator to consistently and safely perform high-quality welds throughout the day with dual safety light buttons.

Fast adjustable and changeable Nozzle

Weld always with the perfect nozzle and the exact focus length

  • Adjust the focus length of your welding nozzle in seconds without rotation of the nozzle tube
  • Change your nozzle, and only the top of the nozzle tube in a flash
  • Never lose time with adjusting of totated nozzle
  • Custom made nozzles are easy to make
  • different nozzle-ends available for specific use
  • changeover from nozzle in less than 20 seconds

10 m fiber cable is our standard

optional 5~15m is available instead of 10m

Avoid A broken Fiber Cable

Multiple fiber cable protections

  • Triple protection around the fiber cable
  • High protective stainless steel Anti bending unit at cabinet exit avoid cracking of the fiber cable when pulling on the torch cable
  • Cable exit from the torch is mounted to the front at the side of the machine to avoid bending

Safety First: Build-in Safety indicator

Safety indicator on torch for activation or stop of the laser beam

PhotonWeld A-PRO: Full CE Safety certified Handheld Laser Welding Machines

Equiped with all CE requested Safety accesoiries connections as standard

  1. Laser beam Emission indicator + external emission warning indicator control
  2. Remote interlock connector with Multi safety interlocks:
  3. Nozzle contact interlock 
  4. Door contact (external) interlock
  5. Foot pedal (dead’s men pedal) interlock ready (optinal),
  6. Hardware Key control lock
  7. Internal (and external - optional) double wired emergency stop 
  8. Failsafe start-stop control


Our PhotonWeld A-PRO laserWelding Machines undergo intense testing.

If at any stage a product doesn’t match up to our high quality standards, it’s sent back to the drawing board.

The first IPX3 Waterproof LaserWelding Machine

Resist Rain: can be used outside!

Intensive Drip and Spray Water Testing following IPX3 protocol


TESTING PhotonWeld A-PRO Series

Intensive Drip and Spray Water Testing following IPX3 protocol


Our very own weather machine. This sophisticated testing facility is designed to simulate a wide variety of rain conditions. Using specially engineered rain nozzles strategically positioned in the chamber, we test a Machine waterproof design in conditions that range from light drizzle to wind-driven rain.

Oscillating tube
The oscillating tube is made of stainless steel equipped with multiple special spray nozzles. The oscillating movement range of the spraying tube is reaching  to ±60° in this test.

Drip Tray
The drip tray is made of stainless steel, and the drip holes are evenly distributed.

All the Laser Welding Power in the Palm of your Hand!!

Stay always connected with your PhotonWeld A-PRO laser Welding Machine - APP free delivered with machine

All the Laser Welding Precision the Palm of your Hand!!

No more mechanical adjusting of the mirror after dropping the welding torch

When the laserwelding torch is accidentally dropped on the floor or got a hit, there is a great possibility that the laserbeam is not anymore in the center line. As the laserbeam is only 0.1 mm of diameter, or even smaller, the correct central stopping position of it, is very important for a good weld. Adjusting of the laserbam was till now a mechanical precision job that could take a lot of time, which means immediate loss of production. Now with our new app the position of the welding beam can be adjusted in seconds with a slider on the screen of your phone! Finished with losing time. Finished with opening torch and fine mechanical adjusting. Finished with letting dirt into the torch!

  • Adjusting of the center of the laser beam with only your mobile phone: direct adjusting by bleutooth from mobile phone or tablet.
  • No more mechanical adjusting of the mirror after dropping the welding torch: Electronic slider control to adjust the laser Center Position
  • Electronical adjusting of the your laser pointer from your mobile phone 
  • Electronic slider control to adjust the laser Center Position
  • Adjust the laser position in + and - direction with simply the movement of your finger on our screen slider

Stay always connected with your PhotonWeld A-PRO laser Welding Machine!



Adjust and create your own welding Parameters

Super Easy selection of Welding settings

Remote controller for selecting optimal process conditions

Welding conditions can be set using our standard delivered dedicated application

This application program is dedicated for the operation of the PhotonWeld A-PRO provided by Lasermach. PhotonWeld-Connect is an application program for selecting, adjusting, and saving welding conditions, monitoring status of,  and checking interlocks, warnings, and alarms in the PhotonWeld A-PRO Series.  This application is delivered with the PhotonWeld PRO machines or can be downloaded from your app store. Can only be used on our new PRO machine.

PhotonWeld-A-PRO: Factory Presets Ensure Optimized Welds & Cleaning & Cutting


  • Simple preset selection of material and thickness ensures consistent high-quality laser welds and cleaning
  • Presets include multiple wobble welding functions to accommodate wider seams and for parts with poor fit-up
  • Operators can instantly switch between presets to process multiple material-thickness combinations
  • Advanced operators can customize presets, save for future use and can be used by novice operators to produce the same results
  • Novice operators require less training which reduces labor costs while preserving quality, increasing productivity and decreasing scrap

Selection of your welding packages by bleu tooth over your phone

Modifying, saving, storing, creating of every possible material with adapted parameters

Bleutooth control center beside the full screen controll center and a cable control 

An ethernet computer connection provides access to advanced parameter settings to fine tune and save process parameters.

Ajusting of the center of the laser beam

direct adjusting by bleutooth from mobile phone

Who does not drop once his welding torch? 

Who was never using his welding torch not only for welding?

with laserwelding, when dropped on the floor or hit, there is a great possibility that the laserbeam is not anymore in the center line. As the laserbeam is only 0.1 mm of diaameter, or even smaller, the correct position of it is very important for a good weld. Now with our new app the position of the welding beam can be adjusted with a slider on the screen of your phone! Finished with losing time by adjusting manual.