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LED laser warning signs - Lightbox with LED Light Guide Panel for laser



Laser Welding Warning Signs

We provide laser welding warning signs for use in all environments.

Laser safety signage

Laser safety signage is of crucial importance in all environments where the use of lasers is present.

Laser safety signage help raise awareness and inform individuals about the risks associated with laser radiation, creating a safer working environment. By providing clear visual warnings, safety signage helps prevent accidents, protect the health of workers and avoid possible property damage.

It plays an essential role in guiding people on the protective measures to take and ensuring responsible use of laser equipment. Investing in appropriate safety signage is therefore a proactive approach to promoting safety, regulatory compliance and the prevention of laser-related incidents.


Illuminated Laser Safety Signs - LED laser warning signs


Warning lights are used to indicate the operational state of a laser. The status display can be used to significantly reduce interruptions and downtime in laser systems and laser welding workstations. For class 4 laser systems, the installation of an illuminated warning sign at the access indicates the laser environment in accordance with the German Ordinance on the Protection of Employees Against Hazards caused by Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV) is required by law. 

An optional interlock control system can be used for control purposes.

DESCRIPTION of our illuminated safety signs

Low Profile Fluorescent Illuminated Laser Warning Signs

Low Profile LED Illuminated Laser Warning Signs These illuminated laser warning signs are 25 mm deep and come as single, double or triple aspect signs. All signs incorporate the latest LED low energy technology.

Specification for single/double aspect signs • - Dimensions: 360 (w) x 150 (h) x 25 (d) mm / 360 (w) x 300 (h) x 25 (d) mm  - Weight: 1.5 kg • - Illumination: LEDs • - Voltage: 230 VAC* • - Current: 30 mA

LED Lightbox For Laser Safety Signs, 100 - 240 VAC

Provides a Clear and Concise Indication that a Laser System is in Use

  • LED Light Guide Panel Provides Uniform Illumination
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Easy Sign Insertion
  • Internal and External Interlock Features
  • This lightbox accepts different signs, such as the ANSI and IEC compliant laser safety signs. 

Laser Safety Signs Available Covering Laser Class 4 

Lightbox for Signs with Laser Interlock Feature Lightbox and Signs Meet ANSI Z136.1 Laser Safety Standard Lasermach offers laser safety signs for Laser Class 4 and a lightbox to indicate to personnel when and where a laser system is in use. Each sign can include on demand stickers to customize the indicated wavelength and power of the laser emission. The front of this Laser Safety Lightbox is hinged to easily open and insert a laser safety sign. The lightbox can then be displayed on a tabletop or mounted to any wall. It also features a safety interlock that prevents the use of interlock-equipped laser systems unless the safety light is turned on. 

Please Note: The signs are provided without a wavelength or power level specified. Each sign comes optional with a set of numeric labels to allow you to customize the sign for your specific wavelength and output power as required by ANSI Z136.1 and other pertinent laser safety regulations.

Low Profile Fluorescent Illuminated Laser Warning Signs

These illuminated laser warning signs are very undeep and come as single, double or triple aspect signs. The double and triple aspect signs have a black panel and are semi secret when off. All signs incorporate the latest LED low energy technology, with multiple bulbs per section providing redundancy in the case of bulb failure. Customised legends are available for all sign types. 

Single Aspect Laser Warning Sign Using the European Standard hazard colouring of black writing and symbols on a yellow background, this is our most popular fluorescent warning sign. The sign can be automatically controlled by any of the Lasermach range of ICS laser Interlock® control systems. High quality material with a cream coloured powder coat finish and acrylic front panel. Specification for single aspect signs • -  - Voltage: 230 VAC* • - Current: 130 mA


Ultra Slim Design
With a thickness of only 24 mm these signs are the ultimate in slimline design and can be wall mounted at any height without causing any form of obstruction or hazard.
The signs are constructed of an aluminium extrusion with textured matt black powder coat finish, moulded black plastic end caps and tinted acrylic front panel, giving a highly desirable appearance.

Low Voltage Secret Sign
The front panel tint is balanced for maximum contrast and the sign is secret when not lit. Operation is from 24 VDC which is inherently safer than
mains wiring as well as being easier and cheaper to install.

Custom Legends and Colours
to Suit Application
A range of standard signs have been developed. Check our website to see the standard texts which are available.
Laserweld can also create custom legends and graphics to customer specification. These can be in the standard white or any colour as desired. Dual message signs which display different messages in red and green within the same area of the sign (see our mini LED sign technology for examples of this), can also be created.

Variable Brightness
The Ultra range of LED signs incorporate a variable brightness control. By default the signs are configured to vary their output to match the background illumination.
This avoids signs becoming 'flooded out' by sunlight or other illumination, or being overly bright in darker conditions. It also means the signs
will save power in low light conditions. Alternatively the signs can be fixed at full brightness or the brightness can be controlled externally by applying a control voltage (0 - 24 VDC).

Dual Redundancy
The signs normally ship with dual LED illuminator boards, which provides redundancy in the case of LED failure. If true redundancy is required a second control board should be requested. This fits inside the sign and provides true dual redundancy in the event of LED or control board failure.
The sign can then be run from a single supply or dual supplies for highly safety critical applications. Monitor contacts can be provided as an option.

Maintenance Free
The LEDs have a 50,000 hour operational lifetime making these signs effectively maintenance free, eliminating both maintenance costs and risks.

Lasermach Ultra signs are available in either Standard or Large Size.
Standard size is 360 mm long x 150 high, while large size is 300mm high.
Both options are just 24mm thick.

Single or Multi Aspect Signs
One sign can produce, in any colour, a single message, or two different messages in red and green. Also, a number of signs can be connected together in a stack to create multiple aspect signs, as shown below.

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