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We support the future of our children - We support Education.

Special Priced packages for Research and Education

What Excites us About Research and Education

Though we normally cater to those in manufacturing industries, a small but significant proportion of our customers are research institutions or educational institutions. By more than any other customers, we are humbled by these. Not only because our company was founded on a passionate interest in science and discovery, but because those doing research are constantly surprising us with their novel applications for our machines. Of course, it’s only natural. It takes a characteristic inventiveness to devise solutions to questions that have only just been asked. It is this inventiveness that makes working with research institutions and universities so refreshing. It serves to inspire us, and reminds us that research is the foundation upon which all of our other customers’ businesses are built.

How Can We Help Your Institution?

We admire research and educational institutions, and value the opportunities to offer solutions for their Welding needs. To this end, we go out of our way to offer such institutions very competitive prices. Because we know that it’s one thing to paint a romantic picture of research and development; it’s another thing completely to acknowledge the prosaic and eminently frustrating difficulties faced by researchers. Research and education is often held hostage to tight budgets, and we would be loath to aggravate the problem. When working with research or educational institutions, our prime concern is not profit. It is that your research is conducted smoothly and your education is lifting up the human knowledge.

Models Designed Specifically for Educational Use. Lasermach has always been the leader in supporting schools, Research centers, universities and technical institutions.

From our worldwide PhotonWeld-EDU Suport program, to our special machine models and SPECIAL PRICING specifically for schools, there is no other machine tool builder that supports education like we do.

Ask your Special conditions for Schools, Universities, Educational Workshops and research centra!

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