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The new PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 handheld laser welding machine inherits the excellent quality of the A-Pro series product family and continues to demonstrate its strong adaptability and stability. 

Whether it is in the severe cold of -20°C, the scorching heat of 60°C , or in a high humidity environment of 90% , it can achieve 7*24 hours of uninterrupted continuous light output .

PhotonWeld A-Pro T35

NEW: available from 04/2024


Weight 36kg

Welding Thickness

0,2 ~ 3,5 mm


7 x 24/24h

Working Temperature

-20°C ~ -60°C

Noise Level

< 50dB

More efficient, better and more affordable

Providing customers with "more efficient, better and more affordable" laser products has always been the first priority of the R&D team of Lasermach, and at the beginning of 2024, we launch the new designed "Desktop" handheld laser welding machine model PhotonWeld A-Pro T35, which is targeted at solving the problems of the users such as inability to weld continuously, high noise, bulky and inconvenient to move the equipment, and to create a more suitable for the users of the handheld welding series products.  This new product not only has excellent environmental adaptability, but also has been fully upgraded in details.  

Ultra-Portable -+- Ultra-Quiet -+- Non-Stop Welding at 100% from -20°c ~+60°C

Temperature control upgrade

PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 has been upgraded based on the original heat dissipation structure of the much bigger and more power-full T70, to make the heat dissipation surface wider and ensuring further  the stability of the internal temperature of the machine during welding work, keeping it within the optimal working temperature range, thereby ensuring the reliability and the continuity of the welding quality .

According to test data, under 100% full power laser light emission at +60°C environmental temperature, our new PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 still maintains the optimal internal operating temperature of around 30°C, with a maximum fluctuation of +1.1°C.

Structural upgrade

The New PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 handheld welding machine has undergone a new optimization and reorganization in the structural design, achieving significant weight reduction. The new design with compressor driven heatpump weights only 36KG . The lightweight design makes outdoor welding work easier and more comfortable, even for women. The operator can also move easily, which greatly reduces the physical burden of long-term work.

Noise reduction upgrade

Low Decibel, Ultra quiet

In response to the noise pollution problems reported by customers from automated assembly line welding, we have mastered the noise to a level below 50dB , providing operators with a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Our new T35 Handheld Laser Welder is uniquely designed with special emphasis on minimizing noise during operation, providing a more comfortable working environment for users. Compared to other welding equipment, the PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 handheld laser welder not only improves work efficiency, but also greatly improves the user's work experience and reduces hearing fatigue that can occur during long hours of work. Whether it's a work area with strict noise level requirements or a dense workplace, Lasermach's handheld laser welder can meet the most stringent demands.

Performance upgrade

Non-Stop Welding under 100% load and 100% duty

Unlike traditional air-cooled handheld welding that involves downtime processing, Lasermach's forced air-cooled handheld welding machine based on the efficiency of a compressor driven heatpump, allows continuous welding without any downtime. Continuous operation is realized in the ambient temperature of -20~+60℃. 

As result you can keep your processing efficiency double high compared to the others because you are not limited by downtime, not limited by process, not limited by place, not limited by the season and certainly not limited by environmental higher temperature.

Safety Upgrade

Lasermach aims to provide a safer experience for welding workers from the customer's point of view. PhotonWeld's new generation of handheld laser welder integrates multiple safety protection functions, including input gas pressure detection, torch head light out security circuit, laser enable CNC switch, LOOP safety lock, double wired emergency stop button, laser power switch, direct door safety contact connection, and so on.

Meanwhile, it has five major alarm monitoring (temperature alarm, current alarm, voltage alarm, gas pressure alarm, open torch alarm), which provides users with all-around, intelligent safety protection and makes welding operation more controllable, intelligent and peace of mind.

More upgrades

In order to ensure that the new PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 handheld laser welding machine can operate stable in various harsh environments, we have also upgraded it in many aspects such as dust-proof (IP4X level), waterproof (IPX3 level), shockproof, and drop-proof, High low temperature resistance , and have strictly tested and checked it at every level. 

These tests not only guarantee the quality of our new PhotonWeld A-Pro T35 handheld laser welding machine, but also fullfill our commitment to customers. We firmly believe that only through such strict screening and testing can we ensure that every new product shipped from the factory can provide customers with a stable and reliable welding experience. We are also confident that this product will continue the good reputation of the PhotonWeld A-Pro series products in the market and win the favour and trust of more customers.

The perfection for thin plates welding

Welding of plates of 0.05 till 0.5 mm without problems

No deformation during welding

Miniamal heat input

Perfect flat welding results on 0.3 mm thick stainless steel

Full flat after welding - deformation almost none existing - Welding from 0,05 mm possible

Welding stainless steel plate of 1 mm thick to a stainless steel plate of 2mm with the PhotonWeld A-Pro T35

Amazing results - front and back view of 2 mm + 1 mm welded thru from one side

Call +3256333240 for info on how thin we can weld ?

We weld Razor-blades together!