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PhotonWeld © - the new reference in real sustainable Laser Welding

The Best LaserWelding machines for handheld, Robot, Cobot and automation.


The Best or Nothing!

PhotonWeld-A-PRO Series

The Best even made better

Premium Heat-pump cooled Portable, rugged and rain proof laser Welding Machine 

Feels and Looks like a normal Welding machine

The Advantages of Laser Welding Over Arc Welding

Laser welding is an extremely precise, fast and high energy efficient welding technique.

There is no tool that can be used in such a diverse way as the laser. With it, fine weld spots with a diameter of 0,1 mm can be created very quickly, as well as deep weld seams of several meters long. With minimal deformation, very fine seam geometries with a large depth-to-width ratio can be created. Lasers weld materials with a high melting temperature, as well as others with high thermal conductivity. Thanks to their reduced fusing, and easily controllable short fusing time, they can even join materials that otherwise cannot be welded or can only be welded with difficulty. If necessary, additional materials can be used.  Product designers and process engineers considering laser welding as an alternative to more conventional types of welding, such as MIG-MAG or/and TIG arc welding, will find each has its plusses and minuses. But for most applications laser welding is a cleaner, more precise, and more controlled method of welding and is especially much faster and better controllable.


PhotonWeld-Series: Your most clever investment! Minimal 22% less energy consumption compared to any other laser welding machine and minimal 70% les energy consumption to any other welding method

World leader in high brightness laser welding machines - Master in Energy Saving

PhotonWeld-A-PRO Series: Simply "The" Best

PhotonWeld A-PRO Series

Premium Heat-pump direct cooled Portable, rugged and rain proof laser Welding Machine

Feels and Looks like a normal Welding machine

NEW: Complete upgraded version!!! (09/2023)

A new star is born!

Better Portable Laser Welding Machine, you CANNOT find!

Rain resistant : class IPX3

Dust & Dirt Proof :class IP4X

Noise level highly reduced : below 50db

Runs on 220V 16A Mono standard plug!

Cooling direct into the lasersource with liquid gas injection (heatpump)

= 3x more efficient and till 70% more energy saving in the cooling cycle


Whether it is in the severe cold of -20°C, or in the scorching heat of 60°C, even in a high humidity environment of 90%, the new PhotonWeld A-Pro can achieve 7*24 hours of uninterrupted continuous laser output (uptime = 100% + duty = 100%).

PhotonWeld A-PRO Series:

Available in 5 Handheld models and in 3 Cobot models and 2 mixed handheld/cobot models

New -+- : PhotonWeld A-PRO-T35: available 04/2024

Welds 3,5 mm Stainless Steel - 2,0 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T45: upgrade from T40

Welds 4,5 mm Stainless Steel - 3,0 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T55: 

Welds 5,5mm Stainless Steel - 4,5 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T70: 

Welds 7,0 mm Stainless Steel - 6,0 mm Aluminium

New -+- : PhotonWeld A-PRO-T90: available 04/2024

Welds 9,0 mm Stainless Steel - 7,5 mm Aluminium

PLUS Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, rounding, ...

Goto PhotonWeld A-PRO


You too have to take it VERY serious!

Never forget your and your colleagues personal safety at laser works.

PhotonWeld A-Pro + PhotonSafe Modular laser welding cabin

Complete laser Welding solution from one Supplier

Our PhotonSafe laser welding cabins are modular, adaptable installations that offers great flexibility and comfortable safety for starting to work with laser welding with a complete safe solution

More info on our Safety equipment and Modular Laser Welding Cabins

Meet our products - PhotonWeld Series: THE "BEST" or NOTHING


PhotonWeld A-Pro Series


PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family

Lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%.

PhotonWELD uses the new EcolEner High Efficiency Laser Source family, a new generation of kW class low-mode Ytterbium fiber lasers with record wall-plug efficiency of almost 50%. PhotonWELD Series offers an unparalleled level of reliability, have higher wall-plug efficiency, are brighter and more reliable than kW class diode lasers built by combining multiple emitters into a single output. The ECOLENER Series is perfectly suited for applications that cannot tolerate any downtime or service intervention. The EcolEner can be used in all high power application areas, including cutting, welding, brazing, cladding and surface treatment.

Why is our Air-cooled PhotonWeld series with liquid gas direct injection so much better than all the other air cooled laser Welding Machines?

Because we are the only one with an super efficient heatpump inside that keeps the machine cool in any situation.

Photonweld-A series are the only laserwelding machines that are:

=>able to work 100% of the time on 100% duty (full power)

=>work from -20°C till+60°C

=>equipped with an invertor driven compressor pump

=>equipped with a super economical and ecological heat pump

First Laser Welding machine with

 liquid gas injection cooling direct into the laser

=>IPX3 rain-proof for PRO Model

Consumes 22% to 65 % less energy than other LaserWelding Machines

Is air-cooled

No need heating up time in the winter

Runs from a standard 240v mono plug


EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

ECOLENER ® Photon Saving Technology

EcolEner : patented High Efficient Energy saving Technology from Lasermach

Saving minimal 22% energy compared to laser welding machines with standard laser sources

Sustainability is emerging as an important approach that manufacturing companies employ to improve their economic profitability and competitive advantage by enhancing environmental performance. Consistent with the contemporary aspects of ecological responsibility, specific forms of ECOLogical ENERgy (ECOLENER ®) saving mediate the relationship between an environmental sustainability orientation and environmental performance.

Every PhotonWeld laser Welding Machine is equipped witht the unique and patented EcolEner energy saving technology. Minimal 22% energy saving compared to any other laser source and up to 85% energy saving compared to any other Welding Machine

EcolEner ®: Sustainable ECOLogical ENERgy Saving Technology for Lasers

PhotonWeld-R Series

Robot/Cobot Ready Laser Welding Packages


Robot-ready laser Welding


Robot/cobot Ready laser welding packages



ROBOT/COBOT ready made plug in laser Welding systems

Robot laser Welding Production Cells

ROBOT ready made plug in laser Welding systems

Goto PhotonWeld-R

PhotonWeld-C Series

Plug and play high performant laser Welding package for cobot


Robot-ready laser Welding

C= COBOT Welding Machine

Cobot Laser Welding Machines

& Cobot Ready laser welding packages



Cobot laser Welding Machine - COBOT ready made plug in laser Welding systems

Soon Available

Goto PhotonWeld-C

Our PhotonWeld fiber laser welder gives you back the POLE position!

Comparison Welding: We beat them ALL

Comparison welding

Traditional welding

Laser welding

PhotonWeld laser welding

Heat input to the workpiece
Very high
Very Low
Deformation of the workpiece, undercut
Very Small
Bond strength to base metal
Very good
Follow up treatment
Rarely need polishing
No need or rarely need polishing
Welding speed
More than 2~4 times arc welding
More than 2~4 times arc welding
Applicable material
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet, brass,..
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet,brass,...
More consumables
Less consumables
Less consumables
Operation difficulty
Very easy
Operator safety
Safety is VERY High
Environmental protection impact
Not environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
Welding fault tolerance
Wobble/Swing welding
Spot width adjustable
Welding quality comparison
Very Good

Designed in Belgium

Deliver business value

Today more than ever, outstanding design means providing answers to the challenges of our time, promoting thinking in circular models and realising visions of a better world based on the design of actions. 

How can the sustainable transformation of our industry and society succeed? 

By simply make it better than the others!


You too have to take it VERY serious!

Laser radiation of infrared fibre lasers can cause serious and lasting damage to the human eye – so a handheld laser is not a toy. But simple precautions and our inherent safety design make this a safe solution that meets the requirements of globally active customers and their safety organizations.

The Ugly Truth About Laser Radiation Exposure To Your Eyes

In the time that it takes to blink an eye, laser radiation damage to the eye may have already occurred. Unprotected exposure of your eyes to lasers can result in the development of cataracts or even a corneal burn, which can result in vision loss.

If you are working with or around lasers, it is very important to understand the consequences of laser radiation exposure and the safety precautions you should take when working around them.


Protection at laser Welding

Our Range of protection tools for Laser Welding radiation

Laser Welding Cabins

PhotonSafe Laser Welding protection castle

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Welding Curtains

PhotonSafe Laser Welding protection Curtains - Laser Barrier curtains

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Welding Shields/walls

PhotonSafe laser safety barriers - laser safety shields

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Welding Windows - Laser Welding protection Windows

Laser safety window for laser welding machines

Laser Welding Safety Windows are used to protect against lasers' radiation while still allowing visibility.

 CE Certified EN 207

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Window Foil - LASER WINDOW FILM

Laser protection foil to put on standard windows for full eye protection

The Lasermach Safety team is proud to provide a high-quality laser window film. Our laser protective removable window films can be used on your laser welding rooms windows to protect external persons from the glare of the welding lasers.

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Welding protection faceshields - Laser Safety Face Shields

Laser Welding protective face shields - Laser safety and protection face shield mask .

Direct to our Online Webshop

Laser Welding Safety Signs - Laser safety signage

Laser Safety electronics- Laser safety controls

Laser safety signage is of crucial importance in all environments where the use of lasers is present.

Direct to our Online Webshop

Lasermach opened the first European Laser Welding Innovation Center in the center of Europe (Mouscron - Belgium)

Laser Welding Machine with Professional training and instruction included in our Laser Welding DEMO/TEST/TRAINING Centrum.

What Types of Material Can be Welded with our PhotonWeld laser welding machines?

What Metals can be Successfully Welded with Fiber Lasers?

Lasers can weld many different types of materials together. Stainless steel, titanium,nickel, aluminum, molybdenum, and Inconel are just a few of the metals that are
well-suited to laser welding. What is important to note, however, is that not all metal combinations are weldable.
Aluminum, for example, can be laser welded. However,only dissimilar grades of aluminum can be welded together due to a high probability of cracking.

This is one area where laser welding differs from conventional welding. In conventional welding, the metals don’t bond directly with one another, but rather with the filler material being used. This can be a major factor in determining whether or not a particular application lends itself to laser welding.

More info on different materials welding with laser

PhotonWeld: High efficient portable handheld Laser Welding Machines

PhotonWeld: Simply the best handheld laser Welding Machine

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Lasermach's Photonweld – Designed by Welders for Welders

Lasermach is, as one of the first on the laser welding market, clearly the design leader of the handheld laser welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of laser welding by continuous development and improvement of the laser welding machines and by working for more ecological and more economical Solutions. Lasermach® supplies sustainable products, revolutionary new solutions, and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our basic guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering many countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Belgium, with production facilities in Romania and Asia, Lasermach is serving you worldwide today.