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Do You want to test a PhotonWeld Laser Welding Machine ?

We offer you many possibilities to experience the advantages of hand-held laser welding LIVE.

Typically when a customer approaches Lasermach about buying a new laser welder we recommend doing some test welds.  Some welding applications are straight forward and we can recommend a welder that will do the job.  But in many cases the application isn't straight forward, and we like to make sure that we are providing the laser welder that will give the expected results.  

At Lasermach we offer free test welds to anyone that is shopping for a new laser welder.  You can find more information about all our laser welders by going to here and reading about the different kinds of laser welders and what applications they are used for.


Free Testing of laser welding - Test laser welding for free - Test laser welding -laser welding testing for free - Advice by telephone or on the spot & & technical support from qualified specialists

Hotline: +32 56 333 240 Mo. to Fr. from 9h00 to 18h00.

Reservieren Sie Ihre Laserschweiß-DEMO oder Ihren Laserschweißtest

350m² Laserschweiß-Test-Center

50°45'08.3"N 3°10'59.1"E

50.752311, 3.183076

Rue de lEchauffourée 31G - B7700 Mouscron Belgium


Um Ihren kostenlosen Termin zu vereinbaren:

DEMO-Center : +32 56 333 240

an Wochentagen : 08h00 - 18h00

Patrick: +32 475 73 63 51 

oder mailen an

Professional Laser Welding Test Centrum

Free testing of laser welding Machines

All machine models available for testing

Equipped with high precision chromed laser welding tables for precise welding

You have to hold a tool in your hands and try it out. Every craftsman who wants to make a project a success knows that. Only in live operation can you find out what a tool can do. Especially when it comes to welding, it is important to test all functions and settings yourself in order to achieve the best results. LASERMACH is the specialist for laser welding technology and is always happy to pass on its experience and knowledge directly to customers.

Test welding in your company

For PhotonWeld© test welding, we come to your company with our laser welding system. We arrive the night before and set up the workplace for welding the next day. On the day of the test welding, we start with a short safety briefing, then we and your employees weld on your components.

If you have come to the taste, we will be happy to offer you an attractive offer for a rental on a weekly or monthly basis. We will charge you 50% of the rental costs for the future purchase price.