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Weld Package dual Wire 2.0 For high welding speed and high deposition rate

In short, the dual wire feed of laser welding machine is widely used in various fields. It can improve welding efficiency, welding quality and product performance. It is a very promising welding technology.

Multiwire laser welding for increased gap bridgability

PhotonWeld Laser welding: Filling the gaps

Double wire laser welding, also known as laser beam welding with two wires, is a laser welding process in which two wires are melted simultaneously using a laser beam to join two metal parts. This method is commonly used in welding applications that require high productivity, speed, and quality or especially when a big gap between the components must be filled.  with double wire feeding the Photonweld laser welding machine can fill easily a gap of 2 mm.

The process of double wire laser welding is characterized by a high power density laser beam that is focused on the welding area, creating a small and intense heat source. This high heat input enables the simultaneous melting of two wires, which then join together to form a strong bond.

The advantages of double wire laser welding include increased welding speed, improved welding quality, and reduced material waste. The high speed of the laser beam allows for fast and efficient welding, which can significantly increase productivity. Additionally, the precise control of the laser beam allows for precise and accurate welding, which leads to improved welding quality and reduced defects.

However, there are also some challenges associated with double wire laser welding. One challenge is the selection of appropriate welding parameters, such as laser power, welding speed, and wire feed rate. Another challenge is the need for a higher level of technical expertise to operate the laser welding equipment and control the welding process.

Twin Wire Feed Means a Greater Ability to Fill the Wire and to Weld Wider Seams. According to Our Test Data, if You Use a Single-feed Laser Welding Machine Can Only Weld a Maximum of 1.5-1.8mm Seams. However, with a Double-feed Laser Welding Machine, a 3-4mm Wide Seam Can Be Welded.

Twin Wire Feed Also Means That Thicker Materials Can Be Welded. This is Because More Wire Filling in the Welding Process Makes the Welding Joint More Stronger,Stable, and Reliable.

In conclusion, double wire laser welding is a highly efficient and effective welding process that has many advantages over traditional welding methods. However, it requires specialized equipment and expertise to achieve optimal results. 

Dual Wire system only available for the PhotonWeld A-2 series

Dual wire infeed laser welding machine - twin wire infeed laser welding machine, double wire infeed laser welding machine - tandem wire infeed laser welding machine

Inner corner welding Stainless steel thickness 3mm with multi wire photonweld

Twin wire laser welding system on PhotonWeld A-Pro

Dual wire laser welding system on PhotonWeld A-Pro