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Laser safety signage

Laser safety signage is of crucial importance in all environments where the use of lasers is present.

Laser safety signage help raise awareness and inform individuals about the risks associated with laser radiation, creating a safer working environment. By providing clear visual warnings, safety signage helps prevent accidents, protect the health of workers and avoid possible property damage.

It plays an essential role in guiding people on the protective measures to take and ensuring responsible use of laser equipment. Investing in appropriate safety signage is therefore a proactive approach to promoting safety, regulatory compliance and the prevention of laser-related incidents.

DESCRIPTION of our illuminated safety signs


Low Profile Fluorescent Illuminated Laser Warning Signs These illuminated laser warning signs are 68 mm deep and come as single, double or triple aspect signs. The double and triple aspect signs have a black panel and are semi secret when off. All signs incorporate the latest fluorescent low energy bulb technology, with two bulbs per section providing redundancy in the case of bulb failure. Customised legends are available for all sign types. Single Aspect Laser Warning Sign Using the European Standard hazard colouring of black writing and symbols on a yellow background, this is our most popular fluorescent warning sign. The sign can be automatically controlled by any of the Lasermet range of ICS laser Interlock® control systems. UK manufactured in high quality steel with a cream coloured powder coat finish and acrylic front panel. Specification for single aspect signs • - Dimensions: 360 (w) x 150 (h) x 68 (d) mm • - Weight: 1.5 kg • - Illumination: 2 x 8W fluorescent bulbs • - Voltage: 230 VAC* • - Current: 130 mA