Certified Laser-Safe Apron

Because of the increasing application of high-power handheld laser welding systems, this kind of working protection has become more and more important. The Laser Safety Apron employs breathable technology and features certified resistance of 3.000 kW/m² against laser radiation of 1064 nm before exceeding the maximum permissible exposure skin value.

  • Suitable for use according to the welding protection standard EN ISO11611
  • Suitable for use according to heat and flame protection standard EN ISO 11612
  • Tested following laser Standard DIN EN 12254:2012-04

Laser Protective Performance with 1064nm Laser of our PhotonSafe Laser Safety Apron+

  • Material: inner special fabric with high temperature resistance of 3000'℃ + outer aramid fabric
  • No Penetration testing
    • Power density: 300w/cm' 
    • test-power = 83w
    • beam diameter = 6 mm
    • distance = 90 mm
    • testing for 10 seconds)
  • black/grey colour, free size, length of 1.2m