Customized laser enclosures for your company

Laser enclosures are an essential component in any laser processing operation. Without a properly designed enclosure, laser processes can present risks for operators and surrounding equipment. That’s why customized laser enclosures are so crucial. By designing an enclosure tailored to your specific needs, you can minimize the risks associated with laser processing and optimize the efficiency of your operation. Not to mention, customized laser enclosures can provide a visual representation of your company’s commitment to safety and quality. If you are looking to integrate a laser enclosure into your operation, consider investing in a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

PhotonSafe® laser Welding rooms are the solution for providing an enclosure for light based welding applications, and are available in standard and customized versions. 

Lighting, bottle securement, fume extraction, power management, and table integration are all features optional available on the PhotonSafe welding booth system. Interlock protection is standard on the PhotonSafe and is tandard equipped to be integrated with the PhotonWeld A-Pro system.

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Maximum safety with a customized laser enclosures from PhotonSafe

Are you looking for a solution to ensure maximum safety in your laser operations? Look no further than PhotonSafe Laser Enclosures. Our laser enclosures are customized to fit your specific needs, providing optimal safety for your operators and surrounding environment. With our laser enclosures, you can rest assured that any hazardous emissions or stray beams are contained, avoiding any accidents or injuries. Additionally, our enclosures are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Don’t take any chances with laser safety; choose PhotonSafe laser enclosures for unparalleled protection.

Key Features of Laser Cabins

Many of our PhotonSafe Laser Cabins feature automated door solutions (vertical or horizontal), or automated turntable/shutter door options for safe and efficient part insertion. 


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