NOW available: Patented Modular PhotonSafe Laser Welding Safety Rooms

PhotonSafe Laser Castle comprises of laser safety window, door, interlock system, laser warning signs and video monitoring system, etc

Our Modular system for maximum flexibility with laser welding safety

STANDARD RANGE PhotonSafe modular laser welding safety rooms

  • Our standard range of PhotonSafe laser welding enclosures come in sizes starting from 3m x 3m up to 8m x 4m and have single or double sliding or hinged door variants.
  • They each come with “plug and play” electronics including, lighting, power distribution, laser-on warning light, and door interlock.
  • They are light-tight around the perimeter and have the option for a roof
  • One Laser protection viewing window comes as a standard. More windows or a CCTV system can be added as option.
  • If necessary, the laser welding cell can also be equipped with a roof made of aluminium patented frustum structure panels.

The PhotonSafe modular system of the laser welding cell allows an individual configuration of the cell in the standard grid. Of course, special solutions can also be implemented at an additional cost.


Custom laser protection cabins

Our tailor-made laser protection cabins are specially designed to protect you against your laser sources while being certified according to the EN 60825-4 standard.

Our company Lasermach with our own engineering team and its various partners and tertiary installers, offers a study, design, conception and installation of tailor-made laser protection cabins.  

Our different laser protection cabins are manufactured according to your technical specifications.  We can also personalize the enclosure by installing door(s), laser protection windows and/or airlocks, for example.

For any request, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. +32 56 333 240