Model 08 - Frame Fit-over

Good fitting Protection Goggles for eveyone with and without prescription glasses!

The Model 08 - Frame Fit-over is our best-selling frame by a decisive margin - it is typically the most economical solution for welding shops looking to buy laser eyewear that will fit everyone reducing expense for individual-specific protective eyewear. In almost all situations that are not atypical (for e.g.; fitting eyewear underneath a face shield etc.), this frame is highly recommended when the choice is polycarbonate glasses.

The Model 08 - Frame FIT-over fits large and small heads and faces. Fits over most standard prescription glasses. 

  • Offering outstanding vision protection.
  • Lateral side shields with multi-vented for comfort.
  • Fits over prescription glasses up to 140mm
  • Compliance: ANSI Z87.1.2020, EN166, AS/NZS1337.1, CSA Z94.3 ,AS/NZS 1067 - ANSI Z136.1, IEC 60825-1, safety standards.

Model 08D - Frame Fit-over Good fitting Protection Goggles for eveyone with and without prescription glasses!

Darker Glasses Special for EX-Welders

This is our most popular frame and is our best option for people with prescribed glasses. 

  • Great visibility around.
  • Universal style (large).
  • Comfortable over prescription frames or alone. 
  • Full field of view.

Available in:

  • Model 8: Standard green – protection range 190-450 & 800-1100nm  O.D 7+ no frame – frameless VLT 60%
  • Model 8D: Darker Green – Protection range 850-1300 OD6+ : special for sensible eyes (for ex welders)


Visual difference between Model 8 and Model 8D

Model 8D is Special developed for ex welders looking into the melting pool like they are use to do. The glass is some darker but the absorption of laser welding light is lower than the standard glasses. Looking in the melting pool is the biggest mistake which is made during laser welding. The light you see is energy losses and you do not see any melting pool as the speed is too high! Ex welders still have the reflex to look in the melting pool, even its not a melting pool.


Model 8 for normal eyes and model 8D for sensible eyes

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