Model 304 - Comfortable fit-over Frame Goggles extra dark: NEW!!

Excellent fitting extra dark Frame goggles for everyone with glasses

Model 304 - Frame Fit-over - extra darkened -Reinforced build

Good fitting Protection Goggles for everyone with prescribed glasses!

The Model 304 - Frame Fit-over Spectacle fits large heads and faces. Fits over most standard smaller prescription glasses. Model 304 includes high comfort and side-protection with still a relative wide view of vision.

The Model 304 - Frame FIT-over fits large and small heads and faces. Fits over most standard prescription glasses. 

  • Offering outstanding vision protection.
  • Lateral side shields with multi-vented for comfort.
  • Fits over prescription glasses up to 130mm
  • Compliance: ANSI Z87.1.2020, EN166, AS/NZS1337.1, CSA Z94.3 ,AS/NZS 1067 - ANSI Z136.1, IEC 60825-1, safety standards.

Available in:

  • green – protection range 190-450 & 800-1100nm  O.D 7+ ( CE DIR LB 7)in White or black frame VLT 60%
  • Orange – Protection Range 190-540 O.D 3+ 800-1100nm O.D 8 ( CE DIR LB 8) in White Frame VLT 35%

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