Laser welding helmet with steel protection shield

Laser welding mask with Steel shield for laser protection

The laser protection window type of this protection helmet is made of a dark green absorbing plastic, on a particularly laser-resistant PMMA basis. The laser protection is based on absorption of laser radiation in the material itself. The laser protection window has a daylight transmission of approx. 64% and has sufficient visual brightness and color visibility. To ensure safe use in machines or shielding even with large beam diameters, the laser protection window is certified according to DIN - EN 60825-4 and CE.

For adequate laser safety, please calculate the protection levels required for your laser and compare with the specifications on the Laser protection window before you install the pane.

The helmet is not designed for direct firing of all laser beams. Please check and discuss this with your laser protection officer.

Compliance: ANSI Z87.1.2020, EN166, AS/NZS1337.1, CSA Z94.3 ,AS/NZS 1067 - ANSI Z136.1, IEC 60825-1, safety standards.

Filter material:       plastic
Filter technology:   Absorption filter
Visual Brightness:  Sufficient
Standards:              EN 60825
Filter thickness:      Approx. 3mm
Color vision:           Sufficient
Color:                      dark green
VLT (approx.):          64%.